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SEPT 22, 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Lynda’s services. She is professional, knowledgeable, and fair. I felt comfortable asking questions and could tell immediately I was receiving quality service and my results have been excellent. I would encourage anyone to see her and bundle as many areas together as you can. Thank you Lynda!

Yasimin R- Google reviews


November 4, 2017

Amazing service. Lynda explains everything thoroughly and moves smoothly to prevent pain. After just one session I saw an amazing difference, just went in for my second session and there was barely any pain at all! She works with you with payments and is extremely affordable. Makes me feel secure that she's a registered nurse, I wouldn't want just anyone touching down there. After waxing for a year, I will NEVER go back. She's the very best, if it's your first time don't be scared, Lynda will take good care of you!

Candy B - Yelp reviews


August 15, 2017

Just left my 4th Brazilian laser appointment with Lynda. The results have been drastic since the very first appointment. I was constantly plagued with ingrown and wild hairs going in all different directions before beginning treatment, and am now pleased to say that I don't spend precious time thinking about that area at all anymore. I imagine I will be finished with the process within the next two treatments, of course I had a lot of hair to begin with. Lynda has always been courteous and professional, providing comforts such as cooling gel to make the process less painful. The price also cannot be beat. I highly recommend her.

Andrea R - Yelp reviews


June 10, 2016

Lynda is hands down the best in the biz! She is quick and thorough. I have tried other places and I have never gotten results like I do with her. Don't waste your time and money on anyone else!

Jenny C - Google reviews


May 3, 2016

Amazing place to go for laser!!! Always on time with appointments, the experience is quick and Lynda is extremely nice and always follows up on the experience after the appointment. I have a lot of hair because of my cultural background and I have had amazing results. I have had friends that have done laser at other places before I started and it's more expensive and not as personal of an experience. At least with Lynda you have the comfort of knowing that it's good results and she remembers the improvement and areas where you have more hair growth.

Sara L - Google reviews


October 3, 2014

I have been getting waxed since I was in college. I have extremely dense hair follicles and since I began waxing, I had developed extremely painful ingrown hairs in my bikini area. I tried every waxing salon for awhile, not realizing that it was the waxing that was aggravating my ingrowns. When I say I had bad ingrowns, I am not kidding. Every waxing specialist would take one look at me and say, "wow, that's bad." They would all give me their own remedies of exfoliating, and selling me their magic cream, not believing me when I told them I already tried it all! Nothing helped. I felt hopeless and truly humiliated whenever I had to wear a bikini.

I did a little research on laser hair removal and thought I'd give it a try. I got a free consultation at Completely Bare and their prices were completely unaffordable. 

Then, I found Lynda. I met with her and she took a look at my bikini area and said the same thing that the waxers said, "wow, that's bad." She was honest in telling me it would take a few sessions over the course of several months, but eventually, I should see good results with the laser treatment. 

Her prices were affordable and it was worth it to me to try it. 

She was right: it took until the third treatment to begin to see results. I decided to get my entire area lasered to prevent any further ingrown hairs. Slowly but surely, I began to see truly incredible results. Now, I am nearly completely hairless down there, and what hair I do have is extremely fine. 

What's even better is that the scars have healed. I have no more ingrown hairs anywhere. I do go back every few months for a touch up but I am so amazed and grateful for what Lynda did for me. 

It's pretty brutal to go through your life dreading every moment you have to put on a bathing suit. Now, I can wear it confidently without constantly picking at my bikini bottoms.

I also appreciate Lynda 's generosity in offering affordable prices and reliable services. I see deals all the time to use laser services for cheap prices on Lifebooker and Groupon, but you have to be SO careful with laser treatment. Lynda is a registered nurse. She knows skin well and knows what strength of the laser to use for each patch of your skin. I have since gotten my underarms and legs treated too, all with just incredible results.

Lisa C - Yelp reviews


July 5, 2013

It's really surprising how much laser treatment varies from location to location. The first time I had my bikini line lasered, I had five treatments (the recommended number) and found that my hair was growing back after a few months. It grew slower than before, but it grew back!

The touch ups Linda did to my bikini line were perfect. No regrowth! Now I've done my legs at well. She's a perfect professional and a skilled technician. I would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica A - Yelp reviews


February 6, 2011

Hair removal can be an intimate affair and the decision to do it is not an easy one. Once you made the decision you are just praying for the right person to make the procedure while not painless at least awkward free. Lynda has made me feel always comfortable with here professional, no-fuss and thorough approach. Procedures are quick and straightforward and Lynda is great about returning phone calls and calling or texting or to confirm your appointment. I found her on city-search and am happily passing on recommendations to see Lynda when you make the decision to remove hair for good.

Nanu R - Citysearch reviews