What is the Lightsheer Diode?

Lightsheer is the first FDA-cleared technology that delivers permanent results for male and female facial hair reduction. It employs a diode laser with selective pulse emission, which emits light penetrating deep into the skin, destroying the hair follicular stem cells. By selectively targeting only the hairs to remove, the result is permanently lighter, smoother, and softer-looking skin.

What are the benefits?

Lightsheer Diomex Diode laser is the only FDA-approved therapy for permanent hair reduction. Besides its superior safety record compared to other hair removal methods, Lightsheer offers many advantages, including:

  • Safe, painless, natural-looking results
  • Significant and long-lasting hair reduction
  • Can be done on almost everyone
  • Low cost per treatment compared to other methods
  • Only light touch pressure used
  • Shallow risk of side effects

Note: Results may vary based on multiple factors, such as hair growth cycle, color/type of hair, skin tone, age & medical condition. We suggest a consultation with our office for detailed information regarding results. Contact a Laser Nurse today!

Why is it the best option?

Lasers can remove hair effectively because they target and destroy individual hair follicles right where they’re on the skin’s surface. Unlike conventional approaches, there’s no significant scarring associated with diode laser skin treatments. Diode laser treatments can often be performed faster and less painfully. And unlike many traditional options, there’s virtually no risk of recurrence because hair doesn’t grow back once it has been removed. Finally, our diode laser devices allow precise control of the amount of energy being delivered to the patient’s skin to ensure that only the hair follicles are treated, and the surrounding tissues aren’t damaged. If you want to get rid of your chest hair effectively, contact us today.