BIKINI Laser Hair
Removal NYC


Women avoid shaving because it often comes off unevenly and creates painful bumps and rashes. Thankfully, there’s another solution for those who dread tending to the bikini area – bikini laser hair removal NYC. But unfortunately, many of our patients come to us wanting to get permanent bikini hair removal in NYC.

Therefore, Laser Nurse specializes in treating the bikini line region safely and effectively. So, instead of shaving or waxing, schedule an appointment with Laser Nurse. Nothing can match our results.

Why is shaving the bikini line a bad idea?

Shaving the bikini area is a bad idea because, when done without proper planning, it can cause skin burn. As part of the preparation, ensure you are using a new razor. An old razor can also result in skin damage. You should also be vigilant of the shaving direction, as this can also cause skin irritation. How about after that shaving? You need to use the right lotion and wear the right underwear to avoid irritating the skin.

Can I wax my bikini line?

Yes. Although waxing can make you look little but unkempt, it is worth the risk. However, it is prone to causing ingrown hair and may call for monthly appointments, which can also be expensive. 

Why is the bikini laser hair removal superior?

Other hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving are very painful and often cause irritation and inflammation of your skin. The pain of waxing also causes blood vessels under the skin to dilate, which leads to redness and swelling. In addition, after removing the hair from your body, it takes hours for natural healing processes to return everything to normal again. However, with permanent bikini hair removal NYC treatment [2022], the result is instant because it doesn’t require pulling hair from its roots as traditional treatments do.

In addition, many people find that when they are trying to remove unwanted hair, they sometimes experience ingrown hairs while using other methods. When you use one of these methods, the result may be that you end up with an open sore on your skin instead. One thing that makes bikini laser hair removal NYC different from all others is that you won’t feel a something during your session! And since ingrown hairs can occur anytime, this could make laser hair reduction your safest bet for better results.

How does Bikini laser hair removal work?

The laser uses a highly focused beam of intense violet or blue wavelength light to selectively kill hair follicles by targeting melanin content. As a result, the laser delivers energy on your skin, which destroys the follicles to no longer support hair growth.

How many sessions will I need?

You will have to for 8 to 20 sessions for the bikini hair removal, each for 1- to 5 minutes for permanent results. Notably, different people react differently, and so to be effective, the process should be done when hair is on a growth cycle. Our specialist will create a plan that will eventually give you results. If you are ready for permanent bikini line grooming, reach out to us for some arrangements.