Arms laser hair removal

The idea behind this type of laser hair removal is revolutionary — asks anyone who has used razors and tweezers before. Our advanced Arms laser hair removal NYC technologies and innovative software allow us to target hairs precisely, leaving no hair on your arms. If you need more information about underarms laser hair removal in NYC, call Laser Nurse! 

Arms laser hair removal

Why remove arm hair?

Besides looking great, having no hair can be beneficial to your health. For example, if you’re a male golfer and you want to shave away your arm hair before playing the sport, you don’t want to injure yourself at the same time. So instead, you would rather wait until after the game to professionally have an arms laser hair removal package in NYC. Not only that, but you’d also be wasting valuable time doing something that adds extra time to your grooming routine. With permanent arms laser hair removal NYC, you can avoid the injury and save your time. And with golf, you want to play the game, right, don’t you?

What methods work for arm hair removal?

Laser hair removal has been used around the world for many years now. Unfortunately, it’s never been as popular as some people think. If you talk with your friends, you’ll notice that most know that you can quickly get rid of your hair with laser technology. Everyone knows someone who had the experience themselves; yet, some still haven’t bothered with a professional laser technician to get a permanent solution to the problem.

How do arms laser hair removal work?

Laser treatment works by targeting the hair follicle of the skin. During this procedure, a laser beam of light burns the root of each hair shaft, blocking its ability to produce pigments. Once the hair is destroyed, it falls out naturally over several weeks without pain or irritation. We use Cynosure Elite, which has proven safe and effective in treating unwanted hair. It will remove all kinds of hair.

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on your body type and the severity of your hair growth, one session may be enough. However, most patients require about 6 to 12 sessions. Some people have lighter-colored skin, so they may only require fewer session treatments to achieve complete results.

How long does a session take?

A single session takes approximately 15 minutes. Multiple visits may be needed if there are sizeable areas of problematic hair. Each visit is customized to fit your schedule; we want to ensure you don’t miss any days at work or school.